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About Us:

Three parcels of excellent hunting property.  One which is a tract of property over 250 acres in Hyde Park, NY.  This property houses numerous Deer, Black Bear, and Turkeys. There is also a smaller piece of land in LaGrange, NY which is a phenomenal piece of land for deer and small game hunting. Also on this land we host Pheasant & Chucker releases from Oct. to Jan.  The club usually has 5-6 releases with an average of 50 birds at each release. Our last piece of land is located in Stanfordville, NY. This piece is about 100 acres and perfect for small and large game.

There are also two cabins which are owned by the club available to members for vacations, hunting, and fishing.  There is a cabin in North Hudson, Essex county NY and one in the town of Broome in Scholharie county NY.  Both of these properties are located near hundreds of state acres, excellent for hunting. More information about the cabins and photos are available at their links.

There is an annual game dinner, where various game harvested by club members are cooked in numerous ways.  Here, we also hold raffles for prizes ranges from head lamps to over/under shotguns. There also is a Summer picnic in June which is always a huge turnout and a family favorite!

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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